YOUR opinion about English language !

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Hello everybody !

I create a new topic in "English speaking" entitled "YOUR opinion about English language !"
(I know you can read what's written xD)
In this topic, you can give your opinion about English language. Do you like speaking English ? Justify your answer.

Have a good day.
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Anonymous Anonymous ( | 2 posts), le 18/04/2012 à 20:48.
If English language is pretty nice and can fascinate us, you must remember your french culture and never consider English as "better" : We are always fascinated by foreign countries and foreign languages, as well some Americans are also fascinated by French language !
Anonymous Anonymous (GOssien passionné | 173 posts), le 07/04/2012 à 16:52.
English is a pretty romantique language and I'm a fanatic of english poetry.....
Anonymous Anonymous (GOssien Tout-puissant | 7892 posts), le 07/04/2012 à 16:35.
Pompol is crazy ~~ Oh yeah xD !
English is a beautifuuuuuuul language *O*!!
I would like to live in New York :B *it's my life :| *
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Anonymous Anonymous (Maitre GOssien | 2281 posts), le 07/04/2012 à 15:24.
pompol is on fire, creating new threads in (nearly) all parts of the forum x').

Easy to learn, easy to talk, French accent is cool, and you stand out if you're fluent in English, since France isn't really known to be good at learning foreign languages...
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Anonymous Anonymous (Expert GOssien | 1897 posts), le 06/04/2012 à 12:27.
I'm not comprend english *désolé pour les faute --'*
Anonymous Anonymous ( | 270 posts), le 06/04/2012 à 12:21.
English is one of the easiest languages to learn. That's what makes it attractive to a large number of people.
Personally, I love english songs and movies. But, it doesn't mean that I am fond of English. Actually,I don't really like speaking it (maybe beacause it reminds me of the english teacher lol)

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