YOUR opinion about English language !

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Hello everybody !

I create a new topic in "English speaking" entitled "YOUR opinion about English language !"
(I know you can read what's written xD)
In this topic, you can give your opinion about English language. Do you like speaking English ? Justify your answer.

Have a good day.
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FrancoisVD FrancoisVD (GOssien Inter-galactique | 13230 posts), le 22/08/2017 à 21:07.
Si vous nous voyez passer, c'est que le déluge se rapproche, les inondations vous engloutiront petit à petit et le flood s'installera. #TF.
Anonymous Anonymous (Jeune GOssien | 2 posts), le 11/02/2014 à 01:03.
English is such a widely established language that it's influenced by many cultures, the English you speak in Australia for example, has its own particularities that makes it different from the one you speak in the US.
Anonymous Anonymous (GOssien accro | 345 posts), le 21/12/2013 à 22:22.
after japanese T^T
Anonymous Anonymous (Jeune GOssien | 17 posts), le 21/12/2013 à 22:14.
it's the most beautiful language ever !!
Anonymous Anonymous (Jeune GOssien | 14 posts), le 27/09/2013 à 11:42.
J speak english as a spain cow :(
but, J would like this language
because today we are need.
the big problem for the language, this is pronontiation
you can learn this word with a book, but the same (les même syllable ne se prononceront pas de ma même façon)

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Hamzatenison Hamzatenison (Jeune GOssien | 10 posts), le 25/06/2013 à 18:09.

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Anonymous Anonymous (GOssien habitué | 91 posts), le 10/05/2013 à 17:48.
From another hand English language is the most important language in our days and even if the Chineses are becoming stronger they all speak English!
Anonymous Anonymous (GOssien habitué | 91 posts), le 10/05/2013 à 17:45.
So you would like that we explain why we lovethe Eng. language... knowing that I'd lived many years in Chicago in the USA. How can I say that I don't love, like and appreciate English language?
Anonymous Anonymous (GOssien occasionnel | 53 posts), le 04/05/2013 à 04:01.
Easy as pie to learn :P
Anonymous Anonymous (Jeune GOssien | 14 posts), le 03/05/2013 à 22:14.
I think that ... It's a fashion language !! <3<3
Billy S.
Anonymous Anonymous (GOssien passionné | 235 posts), le 21/04/2013 à 16:13.
I love speak english !!
I don't really know why but I know I always have been attracted by foreign languages. I think it's more beautiful than French language.

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Leukoplasts Leukoplasts (GOssien passionné | 155 posts), le 07/04/2013 à 16:20.
::.We are no serious ?.::
Anonymous Anonymous (Apprenti GOssien | 22 posts), le 06/04/2013 à 20:38.
Well, I like speak english because it's another way where you can get out you mind. Every language have a different way for explain them meaning, and i like english for that :)
Anonymous Anonymous (GOssien habitué | 96 posts), le 08/03/2013 à 22:13.
@tiger030 That's for you ! :) Typical british accent ;P Enjoy ! ^^
Anonymous Anonymous (GOssien SuperStar | 1276 posts), le 08/03/2013 à 18:08.
@pompol If you think you can help me for i like to hear english, then i listen Webradio ^^ But i don't think :/
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