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Lancé par LEiBNiZ (Apprenti GOssien | 37 posts), le 18/12/2012 à 10:32.

I don't stongly like speaking english in american way;somebody like me?N????

I wanna......
I gotta.....
I outta.........
Anonymous Anonymous (GOssien occasionnel | 66 posts), le 08/08/2013 à 13:06.
i love American english because i like American singers and American songs but i prefert the British one in the sens that it's the one used in my country (Cameroon)
Anonymous Anonymous (GOssien passionné | 276 posts), le 21/12/2012 à 13:56.
I always speak like that but just 'cause it's what i learn, my family's from the USA so, that's the way we speak.
But i don't really use I outta and gimme but wanna always...
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LEiBNiZ LEiBNiZ (Apprenti GOssien | 37 posts), le 18/12/2012 à 16:04.
If you don't want to see my face;just turn yours away!!!!
Anonymous Anonymous (GOssynator | 38278 posts), le 18/12/2012 à 14:36.
Shut the hell up !
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