A little training in English!

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Lancé par Anonymous (GOssien habitué | 91 posts), le 19/05/2013 à 19:06.

Well as I said it some time ago the best way to improve English is to be "on the ground" and so in order to improve yourself in English I have a small simple game Every one gives two or three sentences in connection with the sentences of the previous post to get at the end a story (be original and don't hesitate to go into delusions it's more fun in the end!)

 here are the first sentences

Once upon a time a beautiful princess, who had long golden hair, big eyes which was opaline and had ocean pupils.

 One day she found herself lost in the mysteries's forest, and the Little Red Riding Hood who became carnivorous appeared!

Anonymous Anonymous (GOssien occasionnel | 42 posts), le 20/05/2013 à 14:59.
Yes he appeared and he said : "hey would you like to put punctuations in your sentences ? it would be cool for your readers !". Then he disappeared.
"Mea-culpa, on est la releve, recouche toi"