I would like meet english friends

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Lancé par Anonymous (Jeune GOssien | 5 posts), le 09/01/2014 à 23:12.

 My name's Alexandre and I'm 15 years old. I come from Namur in Belgium and I live in Sambreville with my grandfather. I like playing on the Internet games and speak with my friends. 
 My English teacher gave us at my classroom an homework: Meet a person on the Internet and speak English with them. So I post my subject in the forum. 
  I hope to meet a person who likes the computing, games and musics.
Good Bye
bassinas bassinas (Héros GOssien | 2848 posts), le 11/01/2014 à 02:08.
Apparemment, les people s'enfichent de ton homework.
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