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Lancé par Anonymous (Jeune GOssien | 2 posts), le 09/03/2014 à 02:09.

hi to you I'd like to improve my English who can help me
rewa rewa (Jeune GOssien | 2 posts), le 28/04/2014 à 12:33.
i like learn english
Anonymous Anonymous (Jeune GOssien | 9 posts), le 11/03/2014 à 23:45.
@Julia0310 ow unfortunately i'm a lil bit older ...

@carostart just do as the previous guys said but its not all about listening and understanding english, u must learn how to speak it easily too (speak english everyday xD that's the only way ... no im joking =p)

PS : Sorry for my mistakes, i'm lazy

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Anonymous Anonymous (Jeune GOssien | 3 posts), le 11/03/2014 à 23:27.
Hey everyone i'm julia and i'm french i I'm looking for a correspondent Who has more than 14 years and less than 18 years
Anonymous Anonymous (Jeune GOssien | 1 posts), le 11/03/2014 à 18:13.
hello there , how are you doing ?
i'm here if you wannnnnnna help ?
Anonymous Anonymous (Jeune GOssien | 2 posts), le 11/03/2014 à 08:18.
The best ways to improve english are by practicing, listening and talking. ind some persons totalk with you, listen to english speaking persons or videos.
Anonymous Anonymous (Jeune GOssien | 5 posts), le 10/03/2014 à 20:21.
watch some vids in english on youtube if you can without subtitles

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Anonymous Anonymous (Jeune GOssien | 10 posts), le 09/03/2014 à 14:32.
The best way to improve your english is watching movies in english. At the beginning you can have french subtitles.
Anonymous Anonymous (Jeune GOssien | 1 posts), le 09/03/2014 à 11:05.
Anonymous Anonymous (GOssien Star | 614 posts), le 09/03/2014 à 02:15.
I improve my english by learning some lyrics, i sugest you to try to write a song for improve it
d(o_O)b *GROWL*