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I do apologize for approaching you in this manner. I read your profile and wish to inquire of your services to be my foreign partner / investor and support me to transfer and manage my funds by investing in profit making ventures like buying of company shares or Real Estate Investment Trust funds or any profitable business in your country.

I am ANNA CAMARA, 20 years old and only daughter of Mr. RUBEN CAMARA, a native of Kumasi Ashanti in Sub-Ouest of Ghana. I inherited sum of Three Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars.(USD$3,500,000 ) deposited in a suspense account with a bank here in côte d'ivoire as the only survival daughter. I am in a sincere desire of your humble assistance in this regards to transfer and manage this fund for me. The death of my father actually brought sorrow to my life.
Please your suggestions and ideas will be highly regarded.

1. Can I completely trust you?
2. What percentage of the total amount in question will be good for you?
Consider this and get back to me through my email address: [coordonnées interdites en public]

Thanks and God bless you.
My sincere regards,


en gros faites attention c'est de l'arnaque de base.

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Putain mais on s'en branle mec!
"Deux braves types dans une decapotable rouge feu, defonces, dechires, raides. Des braves gens."
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Mon nom est Laura, aimante et attentionnée dame que j'ai vu votre profil et me suis intéressé à en savoir plus vous pouvez vous s'il vous plaît répondre à mon adresse e-mail ([coordonnées interdites en public]) J'ai quelque chose à vous dire pour que nous connaissons très bien . je vais vous envoyer mes photos.

[coordonnées interdites en public]
Anonymous Anonymous ( | 78 posts), le 19/11/2007 à 18:19.

I received your mail, I thank you very much for your acceptance to help me. I am not feeling comfortable here in my country because of political problems that took the life of my father. I am an orphan I want to transfer this fund to your account so that I can leave here immediatley to come to your country to continue my education, you will manage this fund for me by investing the fund on profitable investment. Please take me as your sister I will never let you down. I am counting on you and entrusting this fund in your care. I believe in love, peace and unity. I will give you 20% for your assistance the rest you will use it for investment until I finish my beducation.

Please contact the bank manager with this email address ( [coordonnées interdites en public]) tell him that you are my partner that he should tell you what to do to transfer the fund to your account. as soon as the bank contact you let me know. I await for your reply.

With love and kisses..
Your's sincerely one.
Miss Anna Camara.
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tiens je vais faire semblant de marcher et noter la suite ici
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(je précise que j'ai reçu ça sur ce site)